Cold Market Prospecting – Talk to Strangers

Does the thought of talking to strangers make you a little anxious?
Cause you to break out in a cold sweat?

Cold Market Prospecting

If so you just need two things. The right training and a little practice.

Step Into the Freezer

As kids most of us were told “don’t talk to strangers!

And that belief has carried over into our network marketing business. With the right training, we can leave that belief in the past . . .


As almost every Top Earner will tell you, the biggest business builders on their teams are people they didn’t know when they got started. They were cold prospects.

Wouldn’t you love to have a team of people who weren’t afraid to talk to anyone? At anytime? About anything?

That would be an unstoppable team!

Want to learn how to do that too?

What Most People Do

Most network marketers approach cold prospects all wrong.

They immediately get a case of verbal diarrhea. They tell people how awesome their business is . . .

How mind-blowing their products are . . .

How their CEO is the most amazing person on earth.

Then they tell them they HAVE to join their business.

What do you think this cold prospect, who they’ve known for 23 seconds is thinking? “LOSER!”

Seriously, why would anyone be interested?

This network marketer probably hasn’t even found out the person’s name! Let alone if they’d like to make more money or if they’re open to an entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Why would they join you? (Don’t forget, they’re joining YOU, not your business!)

Let’s Do This Right!

Don’t subject someone you’ve just met to your uncontrollable hype. (Which will probably turn them off to ALL network marketing.) Be smart about it . . .

Don’t just dive into talking about your business.

Start by some rapport with the person. (If you don’t know about F.O.R.M., check out my post on it.)

Find out about them . . . Make some small-ish talk.

And when you’re ready to bring up your business, do it professionally . . .

How To Talk to Strangers

Cold Market Prospecting Like a Professional

When you’re out and about, there’s two ways to prospect . . .

Passive and active.

Passive prospecting would be attracting people to you and having them start the conversation. You could do this by wearing a company shirt.

Or better a t-shirt that has “Fixed Income? I can help!” printed on the back.

This will attract more people than you can imagine.

Active prospecting is when you actively seek people out. Here are the three most important steps and a script for each one.

Step 1: Raise Their Curiosity

Once you’ve chatted with someone for a couple minutes, you want to raise their curiosity.

You can do that like this . . . Complement them and then say “I’m curious, do you keep your options open when it comes to making money?”

You’re going to get either a yes or a no.

This is where many people run into trouble . . .

They’re not sure what to say next. And that’s when the verbal diarrhea happens.

Step 2: Clarification

If they say “yes” it’s time to get a little more information . . .

Ask them “Why would you be open to making more money?”

Even though this seems like a no-brainer, it tells you what their “why”is. What’s going to drive them to do this business?

Because when the going gets tough, those without a clear “why” give up. And as you know, the going will get tough.

It also takes the pressure off of you.

Step 3: Stop Talking!

This is unbelievably important. After not talking to prospects, people’s number one problem is talking too much! (see above)

Create a break in communication. Say to them “Cool! Listen, I’m actually in a hurry, what’s your number so I can get back in touch with you?”

This will prevent you from talking too much . . .

And make sure you get their number, not just an email address. It’s not as powerful if you can’t actually talk to them.

When you follow up with them, then you can point them at a tool. A video, a conference call or maybe an opportunity meeting. (Personally, I like the video approach.)

If you follow these three steps, you won’t have talked too much and scared someone off . . .

Instead you’ll have a prospect that’s open and curious. And who’s going to be much more likely to join your business.

Now get out there and practice like your business depends on it. Because it does.


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