How to Get The Results You Want

Get The Results You Want

When you are working to reach a goal and get the results you want, your thoughts should come before anything else. But most people don’t start with thoughts.

And they never reach the goals they have set out for themselves . . .

They just end up with the same old results.

Here’s why.

How to Get the Results You Want

Thoughts Lead the Way

No matter who you are, your thoughts lead to feelings.

Think of a time when someone cut you off while you were driving . . .

Just thinking about it makes you relive those same feelings you felt when it happened.
It doesn’t matter if it was this morning or a year ago . . .

The thoughts you think lead to the feelings you have.

And in order to successfully accomplish any goal, you need to feel what it is going to be like to have achieved it before you start . . .

If you can’t feel it, you won’t take the actions that you need to take to make it a reality.

How Most People Try To Get Results

Most people work in a very predicable way . . .

They think about the results they have . . .

And they let those results determine the results they’re going to get in the future.

Let’s say they want to make $5,000 a month with their network marketing business. But they have $5.00 in their bank account.

They start out thinking about their results. They only have $5.00.

This creates a feeling in them . . .

Usually one of poverty and lack.

And since this is what they feel, they then take actions based on those feelings.
They don’t believe their business will actually work, that no one will sign up with them.

And so what are the results they get? The same ones they’ve gotten . . .

They’ll still have $5.00 in their bank account and no downline.

Their process goes like this:

How Successful People Get Results

The people who achieve success operate in a different way . . .

Instead of starting off with their current results, they start off with their thoughts.

They don’t think about what they have. Even if they’ve never experienced success before.

They think about what they want.

Again, let’s say they want to make $5,000 a month in their network marketing business.

They picture in their minds that they’re already earning that $5,000 a¬† month . . .

What they would do with it . . .

What it feels like to have that extra income . . .

What it would feel like for let them or their spouse to quit their job.

And because of that, it actually creates the feeling in them of having that $5,000 a month.

And that feeling is what will make them take the actions that will get the results they’re looking for.

Namely making $5,000 a month in network marketing.
And those actions get the results they want!

Their process goes like this: THOUGHTS—>FEELINGS—>ACTIONS—>RESULTS.

Your Choice

So which process do you want to use?


Your choice will have tremendous impact on your life and career . . .
And your results.

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