Three Secrets to Staying Positive

Three Secrets to Staying Positive

The real key to success in life, from your business to your relationships and even your hobbies, is having a positive mindset.

Unfortunately, lots of people don’t want to learn about mindset.

They just want the best marketing strategies.
Or the word for word scripts to use to get any prospect to buy.

But not you!

You want to know how to get positive. And stay there.

And you know doing that will make those marketing strategies and sales scripts even more effective.

Let’s take a look at how we can get there.

Positive Self Talk

The first secret is what you’re saying to yourself.

We all have an inner monologue. And in order to succeed, you need to control what’s being said there.

Have you ever heard an interview with an actor who said “I told myself everyday that I was no good at acting, that I’d never make it, and then one day I got my big break!”?

Or a musician who told themselves they couldn’t play music.
Or an author who told themselves they couldn’t write.
Or an athlete who told themselves they weren’t good at sports.

Of course not!

What they all would say is something like: “I knew I’d be able to do it if I just told myself I could and stuck with it long enough.”

Make sure that’s what you’re telling yourself too.

Only use words and phrases like “I can”, “it’s possible” and “it can be done”. Words like these will empower you to stay positive.

It may seem like a long road at first, but the rewards do come.

You just have to persist and tell yourself success is around the next bend.

Who’s in Your “Circle of Influence”?

The second secret is who you’re spending time with. This is also called your “Circle of Influence“.

Successful people don’t spent time with those who are “dream stealers“.

You know the type.

People who are satisfied coming home from work and watching TV or playing video games for 4 or 5 or 6 hours.

They have no real goals in life other than getting to next weekend.

And when they find out you do have some goals, they make every attempt to insult and ridicule you out of them. These are the people you need to avoid.

You need to remove them from your “Circle of Influence”. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy.

Sometimes those “dream stealers” are some of your closest friends. People you’ve known since you were kids.

Or even worse, they’re your family members! (This is actually more common than not.)

And what they’ll tell you is that they’re just trying to “save you from failure or embarrassment”.

But what they’re really doing is trying to save themselves.

After all, if you go out and become fabulously wealthy and a big success, it’s going to make them look bad.

It will ruin their excuses for not becoming successful themselves.

See, most people think success is either all luck or genetics.

If you’re in the right place at the right time, you’re golden.
Or if you’re born to the right family, success is guaranteed.

Otherwise, the best you can hope for is a mindless job to support your family.

They don’t want to hear all success is based on hard work. Because that means they could succeed too. If they would only work hard enough.

So you must do what you can to keep as much distance between you and them as possible.
Not forever. Just long enough that they can’t have a negative impact on your mindset.

Instead, work to find people who are interested in becoming successful.

Establish a new, positive “Circle of Influence”.

You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll be able to help each other.

Mind Food

The third secret to a positive mindset is what you’re feeding your mind.

Those “dream stealers” are usually feeding their mind negativity.

From the nightly news to reality TV and talk radio, everything that goes their mind is negative.

And your mind is really just a computer. So, like a computer, you get out what you put in.  Or to put it more bluntly: Garbage In, Garbage Out!

What should you be feeding your mind instead?

Positive and constructive information.

The first step is to turn off the “Electronic Income Reducer”, also known as your TV.

When you watch TV, you’re actually in a state of hypnosis. And when you’re hypnotized, your mind accepts as true whatever it is told. And from what I remember, the news doesn’t focus on good things happening.¬†(I haven’t watched the news in years…)

As an alternative, read a book. . .

And not a murder mystery!

As a starter, try “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This classic has sold over 37 million copies since it was first published.

You won’t go wrong with something by Stephen Covey, Mary Anne Horsman, Tony Robbins or the late Dr. Wayne Dyer either.

Because as one of my mentors, Jim Rohn, would say “the only thing worse than not having read a book in the last 90 days, is thinking it doesn’t matter.”

If you’re on your computer, limit your time on Facebook or Pinterest. Find some positive blogs to read as a substitute. This one is a good one, as is The Love Post.

These are the three secrets to staying positive.

And remember, with a positive mindset, you can achieve anything that you dream of!